Founder's Pack

Recently, along with the Founder’s Packs Promotions, an upcoming Beta Weekend Schedule was released to the Press and created quite a stir on the forums. We’ve been graced with a lot of updates and clarifications, so I would like to list the links to some of these great pieces of information and updates. However, due to them not being finalized, I will not be posting them here and instead linking to the official sources that will be updated as things change and on to when the Promotion goes live.


Beta Weekend Dates!

Head on over here for a listing of Beta Weekend Dates!


Neverwinter Beta details and Founder’s Pack announcement!

You’ve been waiting for Beta Weekend details – Kotaku’s got you covered! Learn more about our upcoming Beta Weekend dates and be first in line for our Beta Weekend on February 8, 2013! Also, get exclusive access and items in our new Founder’s Packs. More details coming soon.


Neverwinter Beta – Which Founder’s Pack items will you receive during Beta?

Here is information on what you will receive when you log in to play Neverwinter Beta!


Clarification on the “Menzoberranzan Renegade!”

In the article released on and a couple other Media Outlets, their articles contained wording that improperly suggested that the “Menzoberranzan Renegade” is a Drow Race all its own. This is a misunderstanding. The Drow Race is a Free-To-Play race. The “Menzoberranzan Renegade” that is included in the “Hero of the North” Founder’s Pack is NOT a race. What it is, is a Drow Racial Background selection, that when chosen during character creation of a Drow Character, you will be granted unique and special traits. These are things such as unique abilities, a unique costume and tattoo choices.

Neverwinter Founder’s Pack Update!

Greetings, Adventurers!

Neverwinter’s first Beta Weekend begins February 8, 2013. On that day, The Forgotten Realms becomes a reality for brave heroes and heroines to explore and dungeon delve. Victory and epic loot await the fearless and the fast, but for the weak of body and mind, there can be only ignominious death.

One way to gain coveted access to the first Neverwinter Beta Weekend is with a Hero of the North Founder’s Pack. But don’t fret! There are more ways yet to be revealed for hungry and anxious adventurers to join the Neverwinter Beta Weekends.

You may have also noticed that our Founder’s Packs are not yet available for purchase. We took 20 on our Perception check and uncovered a few traps and several goblins. As a result, we temporarily delayed the start of our Founder’s Pack sales while we slayed… um, addressed any outstanding issues.

For our Neverwinter fans looking to grab a Founder’s Pack and secure guaranteed access to our Beta Weekends, the wait will be precious short.

Stay tuned to our homepage, ye Heroes of the North for the latest information on our Founder’s Pack promotion. Keep an action ready because your turn is coming right up.

The Neverwinter Team

Check out the official article about the Founder’s Pack Update, here. You may also discuss it here on Stratics or on the Official Forums, here.