SWTOR has released publish 2.2.2 today and with it comes a lot of new goodies.  Read the official press release below.

Today, EA and BioWare released Game Update 2.2.2 featuring the brand new Nightmare Mode Operation: Legions of Scum and Villainy for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! Players will need to bring their “A” game in order to strike down their enemies for a chance to earn elite Kell Dragon gear and a brand new “Titan 6 Containment Mode” vehicle.

BioWare is also extremely happy to announce that on July 15th we will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Star Wars™:Knights of the Old Republic™! To mark this milestone, we will be doing a couple of things both in-game, and out:

►    A brand new title “Revan’s Heir” coming to the Cartel Market for only 24-hours at the low price of 10 Cartel Coins!

  • From July 15 at 2:00 AM CDT to July 16 at 2:00 AM CDT

►    A blog from BioWare Creative Director, James Ohlen, where he talks about Knights of the Old Republic and how it helped set the stage for making Star Wars: The Old Republic.

►    Cartel Coin giveaways throughout the day on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Facebook Pages worldwide.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic! And if you haven’t checked out Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare yet, now’s the perfect time to jump in to test your skills in both of the new Nightmare Mode Operations!


In addition to the words of encouragement and hints at things to come a New Video was released for your viewing pleasure.


[youtube id=”MMPIifYZwvI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


And finally don’t forget the new Cartel Pack that was released, the Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Packs will include new goodies for you to collect and use.  New mounts, color crystals, and the Pocket Sarlacc await.