After Cog-busting contests and mega-invasions this summer, the Toon Resistance has learned lots of valuable info thanks to you Toons battling back those belligerent ‘bots. Their new toon-ups to Cog battles make it easier and faster to get your rewards for crashing those cranky Cogs!
Cog battle toon up
You’ve probably already noticed how quickly the Reward Screens display now, after those Cogs go SPLAT!!
And if you’re defeating Cogs alongside other Toons, you can now skip over the other Toons’ Reward Screens to get right to your own rewards – or to get on with busting the next Cog!


Just click the new SKIP button on a Reward Screen to jump to the next one.
Or you can also use the “Esc” key on your keyboard.


Grab some gags and battle more Cogs to try out these Toontastic toon-up improvements today!