Shroud of the Avatar’s Concept Artist Stephen Daniele shares the creative process of art development for video games and invites the community to join, learn and contribute every Tuesday on his live show.

Stephen Daniele is a creative catalyst unleashing people’s imagination.  With over 15 years of professional experience he is a recent addition to the Portalarium tribe.  Stephen is an artist passionate about the creative process, crafting an immersive and memorable experience, telling a story and building a world through art. As Concept Art Lead he is thrilled to be collaborating with Richard Garriott and the Portalarium team on Shroud of the Avatar.

Each Tuesday at 1pm CST (Central Standard Time) Stephen shares his artistic vision with the Shroud of the Avatar community. The show making reference to the game is titled ‘Pen of the Avatar’ and can be viewed live on the Shroud of the Avatar website. Community input is welcomed and questions can be asked on the Google+ Hangout or by signing in to SotA chat on the main website. Join Stephen as pen meets paper and vision becomes reality.


The beauty of this show is you don’t need to be a fan of Shroud of the Avatar or an artist yourself but simply have an interest in the artistic process, an appreciation of art or how it fits into video game development and I suspect you will have a thoroughly enjoyable hour with Stephen. As an artist putting pen to paper or working within a computer art package his skill is undeniable and as an individual he is highly regarded within the community for being a damn nice guy and exuding charisma as he talks through the creation of his artwork and interacts with viewers.


I highly recommend you give the show a shot, view the archives here, and if you are not already a backer of the game please consider making a pledge as it promises to be great. To find out more check out the Stratics SotA Portal or the main Shroud of the Avatar website.

Stephen has a Facebook page which he has opened up to followers, where he provides regular updates and shares his art and the art that inspires him.

You should also check out Stephen’s website where you can view his portfolio of incredible work.

Pen of the Avatar with Stephen Daniele runs every Tuesday at 1pm CST (Central Standard Time). Watch at and if you missed any episodes catch up at