summer codes

Before the final pie flies this Thursday, September 19 at noon, the Toon Council wishes to say a great big thank you to… YOU!
Each and every one of you made Toontown the wackiest, splattiest online world possible.
You are all truly Toontastic!
We hope you enjoyed every madcap moment this last month – from a goofy Silly Meter to hilarious holidays (“I was a black cat!” -Flippy), from free play to Toontastic new codes, items, and fireworks! And, yep, even battling those cranky contraptions *SPLAT!* the Cogs.
If there’s one thing Toons don’t do, it’s go sad, and we hope these last wacky weeks of fun and surprises leave you with Toontastic memories full of Laff for years to come!

Before noon on Thursday (Toontown Time), do not forget to print out your Toon’s very own Silly Certificate, courtesy of the ToonCouncil, by clicking here!

I, Flippy, Toon Council President, officially declare that
YES!… You ARE Toon Enough!