Starr Long Discusses Chaotic Combat in SOTA

On Friday, October 18, 2013, Starr Long sat down with Stratics’ El of LA to talk about some of the aspects of Portalarium, Inc.’s Shroud of the Avatar. One of the interesting parts of this discussion was on the chaotic additions they have made to combat and magic casting in …

SpartanJesters Share Melee Weapons Breakdown

With permission from SpartanJesters (@spartanjesters), here’s a video breakdown on melee weapons in The Elder Scrolls Online. This highly anticipated game by Bethesda has many chomping at the bit wanting into the Beta. Any peek at the game is well worth watching, especially when it comes to fighting.  [youtube NevOCxndncg]

Video Peek & Commentary from Stratics Friend

Gamer-dude and video-blogger GhostlyTuna (@GhostlyTuna) gave us permission to share with our community his thoughts on WildStar. GhostlyTuna was lucky enough to check out the new game while attending the Eurogamer Expo recently, not just watching a demo but actually playing! [youtube z3eIe6Q0cr8]