Well its an exciting day for Shroud of the Avatar fans everywhere as Release 1 of SotA, which please note is still considered Pre-Alpha, is live! Avatars around the world are chasing chickens and exploring the town of ‘Owl’s Head’.

SotA was up earlier this week for Dev+ backers who to explain the reference entered a room with a wooden chair and some chickens. The first town in the world Owl’s Head is now free to explore and while many of the systems including the NPC dialogue still appear fairly rudimentary and in the early stages of development the beauty of the world, texturing and fine attention to the little details is what really stands out.


If you aren’t playing already use this link to download the installer:

For instructions on installation and release notes the game guide can be found here:

To report a bug please visit: Don’t be shy as this is an important part of the development process to allow iterative improvements and deliver the best possible game for the community.