[NoImgStyle]s16th-png_cropped-300x187[/NoImgStyle]Stratics will celebrate its 16th anniversary on Sunday, October 20, by hosting a series of interviews with some of the gaming industry’s most influential figures. In keeping with the theme of the celebration, “What’s Old is New Again,” Stratics’ guests will include individuals whose historical contributions uniquely shaped the modern MMORPG landscape. The event will also feature giveaways and interviews with some of Stratics’ former and current team members. Moreover, Stratics will unveil the newly-redesigned Stratics.com and announce important changes to its direction and organization, to include paid opportunities for all content contributors.

The Portalarium Dev team will be making appearances during the event including Richard Garriott and Starr Long! There will also be some fantastic SotA specific giveaways to be revealed soon.

A brief schedule of events is as follows:

2:00 PM EST – Welcome & Introductions

2:30 PM EST – John “Loktofeit” Albano, “EVE Online”

3:00 PM EST – Paul Sage & Jessica Folsom, “The Elder Scrolls Online”

3:30 PM EST – Contests & Giveaways

3:45 PM EST – Gina Dionne & Jessica Folsom, “Importance of Gaming Communities”

4:00 PM EST – Jen Gordy, “WildStar Online”

4:30 PM EST – Stratics Alumni Hangout

4:45 PM EST – Contests & Giveaways

5:00 PM EST – Richard Garriott & Starr Long, “Anthropology of Gaming; Shroud of the Avatar”

6:00 PM EST – Bonnie Armstrong, “Ultima Online”

6:30 PM EST – Stratics Staff, Past and Present

7:00 PM EST – Final Giveaway

 More Details Coming Soon! Check Stratics Central for Updates