[NoImgStyle]sotaTimeRunningOut[/NoImgStyle]You have less than 60 days to be counted amongst the Founders of SotA! After April 7, 2014, supporters will have to pay Benefactor prices for all pledges. Looking over SotA’s Update Page, some of the lower-level pledge tiers are already sold out, as are a couple of the Baron levels! I was lucky enough to budget my contributions, using the much loved payment plan to up my pledge to the Edelmann level. My personal goal was to reach Knight, but I haven’t the resources so when I made it as high as I could, I celebrated.

baronSoldOutSo far, experiencing the Pre-Alphas (both 1 & 2), I am not at all disappointed with my investment. Wait a minute – this is game! Why am I calling it an investment? I look at this as being an investment into the future of my gaming enjoyment. By establishing this deep connection as a Founder not only financially, but also in spirit – I am expecting a huge “payoff” in enjoyment & interaction when SotA is finally launched (expected to be later this year). All the swag and pixels I’m getting with my Edelmann pledge is just icing on the cake. I’m already making new friends via the forums, reaching out to others with similar expectations, and contributing to a cause that – if you ask any other person – seems more business like than anything. I’m learning more every day about the development of games (not that I didn’t already know a lot on my own) via the private Developer boards at the official forums. I might not be very vocal there, but with every release I make sure I post as much as I can about what I expect to experience, what I am experiencing, and what issues I find along the way.

If you are already pledging and contributing – kudos! You are helping to make everyone’s experience within this world a reality! If you’re on the edge or just thinking about it, you better hurry up and jump in at the Adventurer level as a Founder before it’s too late!

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