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There has been no shortage of contests and incentives on the Shroud of the Avatar (SotA) website.  If you doubt me, and are a member of their official forums, go check out what will happen if donations hit $3.25 million by February 20th.  It’s getting pretty interesting.

This contest for Valentine’s Day is quite fun.  I am personally participating so you probably won’t win but give it a try! Use your writing talents to pen a love poem for SotA mega-fans Dame Lori or Dom John (you can also write poems to other SotA team members – see details below).  The contest is being hosted by the bard group The Bards of Poets’ Circle with prizes being provided by Portalarium. The submissions will go through a selection process by Holt Ironfell, then presented to the official judges and they will select their favorites to win prizes.

You have to have your submissions to  by 10pm Pacific on February 13. Hurry and participate in this fun contest. There will be a live broadcast starting Saturday, 5pm Pacific, to announce the winners and otherwise goof off with this amazing community.
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  • YOU MAY write to all or any of the 6 judges.
  • SPECIFY WHO THE POEM IS TO above the poem. That person will judge it. If you do not specify a recipient, it cannot be entered into the pool of contestants!
  • DO NOT post submissions on the forum or make them public. All submissions are to be kept a SECRET. Failure to do so results in DISQUALIFICATION.
  • DO NOT include inappropriate/adult content or cursing.
  • NO MODERN REFERENCES (except in the case of the “roast” aka. funny ones)
  • MAXIMUM WORD COUNT is 200. This is due to the time constraints upon orally reciting winners’ poetry.
  • INCLUDE in your submission whether or not you wish to remain anonymous IF YOU WIN. All runners-up will still be anonymous.
  • EMAIL ALL SUBMISSIONS to [email protected] – DO NOT contact anyone else with your poetry until the Competition is over.
  • DEADLINE for submissions is 10am PST on February 13th, when Holt shall select a selection of the best entries.


  • All winning entries will be bound into an in-game book which will be findable in game.
  • The winners of Lord British and Darkstarr poems, will can get the in game Darkstarr or LB cloak.
  • The team will also create a video of us (Richard, Starr, Holt, and Stephen) reading the winning poems that were written to us.
  • Grand Prize Winners judged by Dame Lori & Sir Dom John
  • The two winning entries will be adapted and sung by Poets’ Circle and put to music. Pending review, the instrumentation of that music will be put into the game.
  • Remember, you can also submit silly poems, and Holt will choose the funniest to read on air.


  • The Hangout/Poetry Reading will begin at 5pm PST on Saturday the 15th.
    That is 8pm EST. 1am GMT (UK, Sunday).
  • The link will be announced 15-30 minutes ahead of time (on the SotA website).


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