Hi folks,

As some of you may be aware of, we are streaming live sunday with a plethora of activities for what seems to be a marathon.

Everyone involved has worked hard to have all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

I am happy to announce that CCP Loktofeit, formerly Stratics will be joining us along with Lacrimae – an avid event goer and super secret awesome happy gamer girl.

According to EVElopedia, CCP Loktofeit describes himself as: “Copywriter, Newsletter guy, worst PvPer in EVE”.

Lacrimae (Latin for Teardrop) has hosted events such as the Gankaton (usually held in Copenhagen, Denmark) numerous times, and regularly partakes in other live events – and more often than not, visitors to the Gankaton often find themselves ganked and full of delecious tears.

Whether that is due to the amount of alcohol, laughter or both is up to the audience to decide …


Join the stream here on Youtube or Twitch, we will be running via Google Hangouts.