Miners will be thanking CCP VanishingPoint for this new dev blog on mining. Bringing us “over 70 unique looking asteroid and ice styles” CCP VanishingPoint and his team are giving mining a face lift. Asteroids will now not only be visually identifiable by type but also show visually the approximate volume.

“I am CCP VanishingPoint and I am directing Team Hot Rocks the team responsible for delivering the new Asteroid and Ice content for Apocrypha. The team has been hard at work creating new meshes, normal maps, textures and shaders that work to communicate the complex composition of each Ore with a unique style. Our artists have been painstakingly sculpting new meshes from which we are rendering all or of our Normal Maps, Ambient Occlusion Maps, and Depth Maps while others researched and built textures to represent the minerals peeking through the cracks of each rock.”

Link: Miners Rejoice!