CCP Abathur writes about an exciting new subject for us capsuleers, Wormholes. Looks like Wormhole space, or W-Space, is going to randomly be beneficial or detrimental for whatever reasons unknown to us. Get ready for some real exploration.

“Now, it might be that this particular wormhole takes you on a trip directly to another K-space system but bear in mind that the end destination is going to be random. It will most likely to take you somewhere within the same security class as you started (hisec, lowsec or nullsec) but there is always enough of a random chance that it could land you anywhere. A wormhole stumbled upon in Jita might link to New Caldari (bah!) or to Rens (profit!) or to Rancer (yikes!).

The other place you can end up is what I’m sure you all really want to hear about: W-space.”

Link: The Darkness At The End Of The Tunnel