As always stealth is available to everyone within the game, it doesn’t belong to any one class within ESO. To use stealth in ESO you simply press the control key and crouch, or whichever key you bind it to. Once you have done this you will have entered sneak mode and the eye will be visible in the center of your screen as previously feature in Elder Scrolls titles.


These icons will mean the same as before but you might be wondering how this will be implemented in PvP as just crouching will obviously not be enough to slip through the enemy’s defensive ranks.

So what we have heard from previous ask us anything Q&As is that these symbols will work the same as before on your screen, but for your victims in the way of your conquest to become emperor it’s a different story. When you are in stealth in an attempt to get a one up on your foes you will be invisible to them, unless you are detected of course, for them to see you will take more than them spinning on the spot until they look in your general direction though. The way that detection threw stealth is rumour to work within PvP is that there will be a certain radius around a target in which if you enter while in stealth you will be reviled. Of course there are exceptions to this rule.

First of all there are ways of players countering your stealth by using spells such as Mage-light a spell which will almost work as a flare producing a large amount of light and revealing all in it radius.

sneak in eso

Secondly there are ways in which you will be able to be more effective and have less chance of being detected by your pray and as most commonly found in any game with such a feature is to approach your target from behind as we have been told that this will decrease your odds of being detected or revealed. There is always the chance that even if you were within the radius of a player and not

necessarily invisible that if they were playing in first person they wouldn’t spot you behind them which is something to take into consideration if you are worried about an ambush or planning one.

stealthy armour


Now for some in Elder Scrolls titles looking the part of a deadly ninja or a crafty thief is almost as important as being able to play like one and Zenimax have made this very clear that you will not have to worry the lack of this in the Elder Scrolls Online as you can see from below in a resent ask us anything they put on their website.

“Is the famous Nightingale armor going to be featured in ESO? If not, is there any chance that we might see something similar to this awesome armor set? Let’s be honest here, masks and hoods are so awesome for stealthy thief/assassin characters! – Henrik v. Ovesen

As we mentioned in one of the earlier answers, there will be a wide variety of armor in the game that you can wear. Don’t worry; you’ll have hoods and masks. As for particular sets, we won’t go into exactly what those are, because part of the fun is in discovering them!”

You may also want to go watch are recent video on stealth as well which includes all the above, for this see below or go over to are Youtube channel at

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