What’s up guys, Stratics here! ¬†With another Level 1 Treasure Hunt for you! Things have changed slightly from the last one but the general rules are still in place, you will be creating a Level 1 Troll of any class you prefer. No using any gear apart from the basic gear the character begins with (No Heirlooms etc), no using level one mounts such as the riding turtle, no getting someone to help you during the race. Basically you are on your own and you run and die! Thats the goal of this event so no meta gaming it!

The Even will be hosted on Twitch.tv/syiler

You will need to collect four items from four “NPCS” once you collect those four items you must reach the final NPC where you will trade your four items for your prize item! Each of the NPC locations will be posted via a screenshot on this page so make sure you keep it open! When the first NPC has been discovered the second image will appear here!

Good Luck!


The first-place winner will be awarded 20 GBP Stratics Credit on the Blizzard Store! With this, you can choose any combination of items that equate, such as:

1x Mount,
2x Game Time,
1x Game Time + 1x Pet,


First NPC Location


Second NPC Location

WoWScrnShot_021514_030546 WoWScrnShot_021514_030540

Third NPC Location


Four NPC Location


Fifth NPC Location