That’s right! Long awaited news of anything progressing us one step closer to Warlords of Draenor came earlier today, featuring information data mined from plans to deploy the patch this week.

So what does this patch contain? :

This patch brings with it the end of PvP season 14, preparing the game for season 15, which is said to contain similar modelled gear to 14, but with slight recolours. If you want to do some last minute achievement hunting for this season, you need to get it done now! For those of you more concerned with Blizzard’s recent announced feature of the level 90 boost service, those elements are indeed contained within this patch, weather or not the option to actually use the service on patch day or not, still remains a mystery, however it’s very likely that many of the features of the patch simply lay the groundwork for more well announced releases of this and other features prior to the pre-order stage of Warlords of Draenor, expected within the next few weeks.

Old players, now is your time to come back to the game! Following the planned addition of the ability to boost characters via the in-game store, Blizzard are taking out Scroll of Ressurection. SoR was a valuable tool, used for returning old players who haven’t played since the older expansions back to the game with rewards such as a free boost to level 80 for a character of theirs and a mount. The service will be defunct with the new boosting service and so is the last chance to possibly get the spectral Gryphon and Spectral Windrider mounts, faction based respectively. This follows the pressure on account trading issues which also unfortunately came with SoR, and the removal and improved replacement of these services only go’s to clean up the game for everyone a little bit more.

Lastly, but hardly least on the glorious additions data mined from this patch is confirmation that the pre-order of Warlords of Draenor and subsequent proof that the pre-order will be very, very soon. The Collector’s edition mount, and pet are within the patch files, which means that we could see beta access within the next month at the very latest!

Featured here are images of both the ‘Dread Raven’ CE Mount for WoD, and the CE Pet based on the same model. Both of which you aquire via the purchase of the Collectors edition version of WoD:


Again all of the main features of the patch are subsequent to announcements from Blizzard themselves, but with the patch definitely coming out this week with the weekly maintenance, you can be sure that the WoD news here on Stratics has just begun!