OSLO, NORWAY–Snowcastle Games’ Earthlock: Festival of Magic is generating considerable buzz in the RPG community due to its compelling storyline, unique mechanics, and alluring aesthetics. Set in a world of machines and magic, this multi-platform, turn-based RPG promises several intriguing features, including:

  • Rich, non-linear story
  • Turn-based combat (No Active Time Battle)
  • Combat pairs (Allows more variations to your battle team)
  • Grow your own ammunition (Organic crafting)
  • Build and improve your home base
  • Environmental Puzzles
  • Gorgeous overworld with a retro feel
  • No random encounters (Monsters visible at all times)
  • Play as Male or Female protagonist (You can switch at any time)

Led by Game Director Bendik Stang, a former Ultima Online counselor, Earthlock is quickly approaching its $150,000 Kickstarter campaign goal, which ends Friday. Enjoy a video about the title below. Want some pre-launch perks? Support Earthlock Here!