ESO is taking Raid and Dungeons to the next level. They have come up with something more challenging, exciting, and dangerous than Raids and Dungeons put together. ESO has introduced the Trials. Trials are designed to test a 12 person group and take them to the edge. Just when you think your group cannot take another hit, they come at you again.

The trials have been extensively tested by ESO’s own Quality Assurance Team. The group was experienced with difficult content and had a passion to tackle it. ESO has adjusted the Trials based on the feedback of the group. The team also mastered the mechanics of the trials making it possible to set the parameters of the encounters.

The Trials go beyond the normal needs of a raid group. Typically in a ten man raid, you would need 1 – 2 tanks, 1 – 2 healers, and the remaining 6 would be pure DPS. The raid group sticks together though they might split up a slight amount to separate MOBS or Bosses. During the trials, the entire group may be needed to put out a ton of DPS while at other times, the entire group may need to heal. The group may need to split up into smaller groups to accomplish 2 or more objectives at the same time.

They are also introducing a MOB called a Bannerman. Each Bannerman has a different power that can easily destabilize a poorly prepared group. A group may also find themselves to be attacked by more than one Bannerman and the group will have to quickly decide which one needs to be taken out first.

The Trials will not have a lockout time, so groups can complete them multiple times and can still earn the best loot. They do throw a curveball at you though, a group only has so many resurrections before the Trial will have to be abandoned and then started over. When groups first tackle the Trials, there is hours of content to be explored and experienced but the Trials are designed to be finished in 60-90 minutes by experienced groups.

ESO has brought something new to the game which may affect how other games introduce new high end content. The Trials definitely brings unique content to ESO which may help attract new players to the game. The Trials are not for the faint of heart. Are you brave enough?

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