Hey guys its Dan here,

just thought I would let you know due to the help of Stratics we at SpartanJesters are going to be lucky enough to have some time to chat with a developer from Zenimax based around Alliance Warfare. A dream come true for Chris and I, but we don’t want to go in empty handed. You may have seen our most recent video that I brought to you over on our Youtube channel and basicly what we need are questions for our interview. Now we have already had over 40 question which is unbelievable, and we cant thank you enough for the support but we want to try and get feedback out here on Stratics as well. So the idea is that we would like to be able to make reference to in our interview that one of the questions came to us from here at eso.Stratics.com as we want to intertwine and bridge the community from Youtube to Stratics and from Stratics to Youtube. For all these reasons and many more please leave your questions in the comment section below about AvAvA ( Alliance Warfare) below and we would also be grateful if you could go over to our Youtube Video below and give it a like or share to get the word out there.


Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy our up coming material, Dan out 🙂