So today we got a “Coming Soon TM” image on the Warcraft Blizzard Facebook  of a new mount, I’d imagine its a teaser for a new Blizzard Store Mount but could also be a teaser for something like the Warlords of Draenor Collectors Edition. With us just seeing a Store Mount released it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on the Store but it also feels a bit to soon for them to be hyping a new Store Mount so who knows, it’s anyone’s guess at this point!


Overall, it is a pretty cool looking mount and reminds me of a really pee’d off Raven Lord. The mount could be the Stormcrow we seen a while back on the 5.4 PTR but it has gone through some pretty heavy changes since then as seen below in this video!

Where do you think it will come from and what name would you give it? Let us know!