In a recent post, I presented a visual introduction to armor dyes in Project: Gorgon and the skill involved in creating dyes. Now I wish to talk about the skills involved in applying the dye, as well as show you some more colors.


In order to apply the dyes, you need some skill in the specific areas of armor making. For example, in order to dye on cloth armor, you will need some skill in Textiles. Once you have learned this skill you will have a choice to dye with one, two or three colors on one piece of armor.

In addition, the skill required to dye leather armor is Tanning. Currently, we do not have the ability to dye metal armor, but its coming.

There is currently no apparent constant in the order of dyes in a multi-color dye job. There are inconsistancies in how a dye color will look, depending on various factors. And sometimes a dye will show up a completely different color. Not enough testing and experimentation has been done to flesh out all of these errors. But its nice to be able to have matching pieces, if we can get by without all metal pieces. What I like to do is take a nice metal piece and color around it with crafted or found magical pieces.

Now for the next few colors!

Thistle1 Red1Purple1

Pink1 PaleMarigold1 PaleGoldenrod1

LightGray1 LemonCiffon1 DrabGrassGreen2

DeepViolet1 AntiqueWhite1

SlateandRed1 LemonandGreen