heroes article 1Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm page where we talk about our heroes that are in the storm like universe blizzard has created for us. For many of us these characters are so much more than your average MOBA experience. A lot of us have been playing with or against these characters in games for a decade or possibly longer. There is a certain upholding standard set for blizzard to create the characters we know and love and make them fun to play. Most of your MOBA’s characters are ideas ripped from multiple sources or just a collaboration of great minds to create new characters to play. ┬áThis idea is where my main drive to play this game comes from. Just the fact that I can play as Diablo, Uther, or the Forsaken Lich King thrills and excites me far more than playing the huntress Nidalee or the famed Darius. Now i have some experience with all these characters and the games they are in and i can’t wait to experience a new game with my favorites in it.

Now of course, I played other MOBA’s for years, starting with HoN and moving onto LoL which consumed a greater amount of my play time, upwards of 2-3 years dedicated alone to LoL, and I must admit failed attempts to become pro or close to it literally took me down the path of quitting MOBA games. The eternal rage that is in some of these communities amongst not just the general player base, but also within the pro players continues to drive me away from these games. Living in a volatile community for a game that I play constantly was just not something I wished to do anymore as it was starting to affect my day to day as well in the fact that I was a becoming little rager myself at times which is no way to solve a raging problem. When we look at Heroes of the Storm with its new MOBA gameplay style that is almost entirely different from other MOBAs’ it brings a promise with it of a community that has to play together to win together, that is a reason to look forward to the day when I wake up to find a beta key in my email, so i can play it all day and still be playing in the blizzard universe that i know and love.

This game brings with it a new style of play with team based experience gain so no one is ahead or behind, a beloved list of characters to play from, and the fact that there are no items to make yourself more powerful also means no one can farm to get ahead and just carry the team to victory with an Infinity Edge or Deathcap all on their lonesome. Here in the storm we must work as a team to conquer all and crush our foes with a swift curb stomp on the innkeeper’s doorstep as we brawl our way through the enemy base. Now I’ve listed a few reasons why I love this game and you can agree or disagree with them as you will but these are some of the major attractions that bring me towards the game, and many other people into it. The promise of a TEAM based MOBA alone brings many people in who were driven away from the MOBA’s we all know and love because of their volatile communities, add in the love of characters they have played with for years and the experience of a MOBA not based on farming and you’ve got yourself a real winner.