Hello Summoners!

Every 4 years the world comes together to watch the World Cup. For the people who do not know what the World Cup is ,it’s when 32 teams from around the world battle it out  in the amazing sport of football (Soccer) for the title of being the best country for 4 years. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with League of Legends? 14 Days ago Riot released names of 5 new skins based off of the World Cup. They also revealed 1 ward skin, a new summoner icon, and  pulled out of the vault 4 older skins.

As of 8 days ago Riot has finally released the skins for summoners to buy. If you have not been around the community for a while the champions who got these amazing skins are going to be listed below with their prices.

New Champions


All the skins and ward

Sweeper Alistar-750 RP

Goalkeeper Maokai-750 RP

Striker Lucian-750 RP

Red Card Twisted Fate-750 RP

Superfan Gragas-750 RP

Ward Skin-640 RP

Old Skins

All-star Akali-975 RP

Goalkeeper Blitzcrank-520 RP

Striker Ezreal- 520 RP

Red Card Katarina-975 RP

If you do not have enough RP to buy any of these Champions do not worry they will be around the store all year giving you enough time to go out and buy some RP. For the old ones though they did not confirm if they will keep them on the store so get them while you can! From June 12 through July 13 you can get the old skins by themselves or get all the old skins in a bundle for 2392 RP. Also Riot made the new skins in a bundle for 3758 RP and receive the ward skin and icon for 9 RP.


In the comments tell us what skin you like the most and who you think will win the World Cup!

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