One of the biggest and most important events in the gaming industry, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, is over. Everyone who attended to peek at upcoming games and tech are now analyzing and critiquing what was there, from the food people eat, to the booth displays. But what everyone really wants to know is, which games are the best?

[NoImgStyle]Community_Stratics[/NoImgStyle], a gaming industry news e-zine, has published their list of E3 faves in several categories, giving Shroud of the Avatar the honor of Best Indie MMO! With anticipation and expectations high for our favored title from Portalarium, there is no question about the award. Combine this with lackluster reviews of what the Big-3 (Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts) displayed at E3, this award shows that Indies are starting to take over the spotlight.

You can visit the article at here, which includes a short video interview of Richard “Lord British” Garriott talking about what is happening and what will happen with the game. Congrats SotA!