LucianSquareLucian has been one of the most popular AD’s in the meta for quite a few months now, today I’ll be talking about current and post nerf Lucian.

Base attack range lowered from 550 to 500

Piercing Light (Q) range lowered from 550 to 500

Piercing Light (Q) mana cost now 50/55/60/65/70 from 60/65/70/75/80

Relentless Pursuit (E) now reads Whenever Lightslinger (his passive) hits an enemy, relentless Pursuit’s cooldown is reduced by 1 second (doubles to 2 seconds Vs enemy champions) instead of if Lucian kills an enemy while The Culling is active, the cooldown of Relentless pursuit is reset.

Relentless Pursuit (E) mana cost has been reduced to 0 from 60/45/30/15/0


Lucian the purifier

Lucian was released on 08-22-2013, he went under the radar for the first couple of months due to people not fully understanding the potential he had. After a few months players began to see the light and he became a more frequent competitive pick. Once pro players mastered Lucian he was an extremely strong pick, almost every team wanted him and even with the other champions gaining strength he held his spot as one of the top AD carries. Lots of people thought the 4.10 changes to The Bloodthirster would spell trouble for Lucian but no, there was other viable ways to build him which left him just as strong as before  (Example being Blade of the Ruined King  into Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Infinity’s Edge into Static shiv).

Lucians future is in jeopardy now with some critical nerfs on the horizon for patch 4.12 and today I am going to discuss the potential PBE changes.


PiercingLight  Base Attack Range

While this doesn’t sound like much, base attack range is a critical part of an AD carries kit, just think about champions such as Caitlyn, her huge auto attack range is what makes her such a fantastic bully in the laning phase while also having a very good late game. The ability to auto attack the enemy while they are not able to respond with one of their own is massive advantage to you, it’s often the reason why you see Caitlyn win or at least hold their own in the laning phase. There is also Tristana, she’s slightly different to Caitlyn due to her passive, every level she gains 9 x Tristana’s level -1 in attack range, at level 18 the bonus is 153 bonus range (703 total range) the end result being the same, a fantastic late game.

I think this is going to be one of the main reasons Lucian won’t be seen in competitive play after these changes (if they make it to live) it will make his laning phase weaker and team fighting more dangerous. I might as well add Piercing Light’s nerf to this segment, also the same thinking that it forces him to have to get up close and personal with the enemy which puts him in danger.

  RelentlessPursuitRelentless Pursuit

The changes here are to compensate for the attack range nerf, while I do like the idea of being able to dash around more it’s just not enough in my opinion. That 50 range will give assassins an easier time to get onto him and this buff to Relentless Pursuit will not be able to keep him alive. I am very interested to see if I’m wrong and Lucian carries on being very strong after this but I doubt it.

There have been some ideas thrown around to increase his movement speed by a little to help out with the lower attack range, I do believe this would be a step in the right direction but they would have to be careful.


This is my first LoL Stratics post hope you have enjoyed it, we shall see what happens to Lucian soon.