IMG-KarthusKarthus, the Deathsinger is finally receiving some love from Riot and it’s a lot of love! This champions in game model was pretty poor quality because it was old, he didn’t really feel like this undead fiend that he should, I mean he has what looks to be a dress on his current model! Today Riot released an update which gave a solid peak into what the new Karthus will look like and I’m excited even though I don’t play this champion at all.

For starters the default model loses the dress looking outfit and swaps it out for a necromancer feeling robe with a great looking hat and shoulder pads. The staff has been updated to feel more like the weapon of a powerful undead being and his new spell affects have more of a soul theme to them. Overall giving the Karthus a powerful new look!

That isn’t even the best part, the skins have also received love and have gone from being 1-2 good choices to 4 great Karthus skin choices for example the Grim Reaper Karthus has a real Death feeling to it and the Scythe looks amazing. This is a fantastic visual update and I can’t wait to see which champion will be in the spot light next!