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Dark Portal Intro and Outro:

Its intriguing to see all the legendary characters fight a bit, but what I really love is seeing Thrall come face to face with the Iron Horde’s leadership. Especially when he sees Grom, he must be heavily burdened with emotion. What do you guys think about that? An individual who he once saved and has gone through great hardships with, now in an entirely different situation even down to the skin color. How would to react to something like this? It would be sheer fright for me. Its hard enough to look at Grom knowing what we know now. And I’m not even thrall!

These scenes set the tone, but they are a bit too short. You can tell there has been some cut from them and the edits themselves are a bit too sharp for my taste.

I give these two 6/10


FrostFire Ridge Finale:

Powerful stuff, especially when you consider the characters involved. Seeing Drek’thar in action is good enough for me to love this one, but when you see Thrall with his father and realize it very well could have been Durotan who gives his life for his people, a tear has to be choked back.

Unfortunately, I just don’t feel that strongly about his brother. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure who this was at first. I’ve known about Fenris, but I actually had to look up Ga’nar. Its a great scene, and a powerful battle, but the loss of a character so minor doesn’t really make me feel as strongly as the Alliance equivalent.

I give this a 7/10.


Shadowmoon Valley Finale:

I don’t even play Alliance and I love this scene. Its probably my favorite in game moment, and I really don’t even know what’s going on. I’ll assume that Velen is passing his crazy godmode powers on to her, but frankly I don’t know. And it doesn’t even matter. I know this is their world’s Velen, but either way the scene shows an actual main character in the game sacrifice himself, unless this mediocre Horde equivalent. The look on Yrel’s face is just too emotional not to give this a second watch.

Plus shes damn cute.

I give this a 9/10.


Talador Finale:

This one would easily be the best if it weren’t for the repetitve cheesy one-liners all these major characters keep going on with.

Blackhand is a certified Bad Ass if there ever was one, and honestly I fear him more then Grom, mostly because of what he wears. Meanwhile, Yrel gets saved by Maraad, who we have seen to be a pretty cool dude as well, going as far to give up his life to save hers. And then the cheeeeese.
“What do you want?”
“Your Head.”

“Your will all die!”
“Just you!”
Come on man. How lame is that. The scene is redemed when she hit Durotan with the brez, and pops wings to burst down Blackhand, but then takes a silly turn again when they fire the iron star into the boat and it literally kills no one. I mean we all know Blackhand is the boss of the first tier… Whole thing just seemed weird to me.

I give this 5/10.


Nagrand Finale:

Now this… This one is a keeper. A perfect ten if I ever saw it. The fight was brutal. I felt like I was watching Oberyn fight the Mountain all over again. It captures Garrosh’s strength and insanity in 15 seconds of fervor perfectly. I’ve watched the part where he breaks Thrall’s beads or whatever the necklace is meant to be and starts crushing his skull at least 5 times since they came out. Its just not something you expect to see in a game like this, and honestly makes me a little sick as did the Oberyn scene.

But then when we see thrall cast lava blast you know its over. Makes me wonder why Garrosh didn’t keep a shield in his bags for spell reflect.

The fact that this is a culmination of a story line dating back from Cataclysm is just purely spectacular. All the angst thrall had for the decision comes raging out and comes to a head.

Just too bad Garrosh didn’t learn how to redirect lightning.

I give this a 100/10.


Can not wait for this expansion…

If these cinematics are any indicator this is gonna be great!