First, we must warn you, the content in this post is not for the light hearted, daisy and rainbow loving public. It is definitely not for children of any age who still believe in unicorns and talking teddy bears. Please, protect your young childs’ dreams,don’t let them view the video below. 

Viewer discretion is advised.

Consider yourself warned.

Every now and again, a jaunt into one of the bloodiest and gruesome of games is just what a barbarian needs. The ability to hack and slash through decrepit graveyards and cities, hearing bone wrenching squeals from demonic undead, feeling the power of the ancients as yet another hell spawn or misguided angel is shown that man is, yes, master of the earth – really now – is all a girl asks for once in a while. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, produced by Blizzard Entertainment, serves all that up in spades. Or is it really large axes?

Typically, after a run though Diablo, I just move on with life knowing that once again I have sated the bloodlust of my digitized alter ego. She can lie in wait as I go through the day to day business of ensuring Stratics is humming along nicely. However, during her weekly Late Night jaunt shown live on Stratics.TV, Kirth (and myself, her player) were shocked and surprised in utter, bloody glee by what was found after slaying a rather colorful Treasure Goblin. I’ve heard of this special, rainbow colored goblin and the resulting portal, but never saw it for myself. So like other “adults” who say they “know better”, I shrugged it off. Tonight, Kirth slew her first Rainbow Treasure Goblin and entered the most gawdily-colorful rift ever seen by these eyes. Honestly, it was like watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time when I was a little girl. The amazement of a black and white movie suddenly turning into bright techno-color.I was struck, blinking for a few moments, before I realized where Kirth had landed.

I know, it is no huge secret to the hardcore Diablo crowd, but for this casual bloodluster, what I experienced on the other side of that portal will haunt my fluffy, whimsical dreams of prancing unicorns and cuddly teddies. Alas, my care-bear-loving-days will forever be altered for now, I have blissfully and with great joy, annihilated this representation of what many consider to be an affront to PvP gaming.


Diablo-Devs, I salute you.



According to various sources, Whimsydale is a duplicate of Whimsyshire. The developers created Whimsyshire as a response to criticism that Diablo‘s graphics are “too cartoon like” and “too bright” in nature. In this gamer’s opinion, those critics must not actually play Diablo too much – especially overnight during a marathon in the dark with no lights on and only a flickering scented candle over on the corner table.


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