Classic quests in Ultima Online were a must when you were a beginning player. Not only did they reward you with much needed gold and resources, but they familiarized you with the land and it’s inhabitants.
One of the original classic quests is called The Naturalist…

There are many things to do in Ultima Online, and the classic quests help you obtain some basic necessities to help you. Whether you want to be a shop owner, gardener or gold collector, these Classic Quests are vital in day to day life.

The Naturalist Quest allows you to obtain rare and vibrant colored seeds that you will need to grow your own garden. Gardening can not only be an enjoyable way to spend your day in Ultima Online, but it can be rewarding as well, as some plants that you grow can offer valuable resources that you can use for various tasks.

Obtaining regular seeds in Ultima Online is simple, just go kill a few boglings or bog things to get started, but if you’re really into gardening and want some vibrant colored plants, The Naturalist Quest is for you.

This Classic Quest is quite simple; you don’t need anything special to complete it, just the knowledge of where the naturalists are and a rune to one of the four entrances to the solen hive and you’re all set!

Once you’re in the hive, all you have to do is travel to the 4 solen nest located within the hive. Standing still once you’ve discovered one is vital, as any movement or inturruption will stop the examination of the nest and you will have to start over. It doesn’t take long, once you’ve examined a nest, you write your notes down and you’re done! Do this with all four of the nests and you’ve completed your task.

If you’re the adventurous type, you can find the secret solen nest using a green thorn in a sandy area and obtain and even rarer seed! Green thorns are obtained by growing a bright green snake plant or a bright green barrel cactus.

If you complete just the four nests, you will be rewarded with one of four colored seeds; Magenta, Aqua, pink or Fire-colored. If you complete the secret fifth nest, you will be rewarded with either a black or white seed.

Whether you chose to do 4 nests or 5, the seeds you receive will get you on your way to growing beautiful garden to either grow plants to decorate your own home, or start your own plant nursery to help others beautify their homes.