Hey everyone!

I am Dusty Monkey, a huge fan of the very cool and recent Kickstarter successful Shards Online! Now I know if you have watched the previous interview with Project lead Derek ‘Supreem’ Brinkman, you will know that Shards Online is heavily inspired by a Stratics favorite, Ultima Online, and many of it’s team have previously worked on the grandfather of MMOs and has been described as the love child of Never Winter Nights and Ultima Online. Shards Online is going to allow you to play a core set of “official” rule sets while also letting the player create their very own shards with their own rules and even own their own cluster of shards for players to jump between.

I was lucky and extremely excited to get the chance to interview the Lead Systems Designer Bruce Bonnick, aka Logrus.

In the interview we discuss what his role is, his love for spread sheets, how he ended up on the team and what he has done previously. We also find out a little about what his favorite systems are to plan, why he enjoys interacting with the community and how the team works together. During the interview, pre-alpha game footage from one of the games public play tests can be seen. There is also a very cool story of how he ended up working for UO!

I will be following this up with other interviews with the team including Aimee Jarboe, aka Melaedha, one of the community managers for Shards Online, so keep an eye out for those! Also if you have any questions for any of the team let me know via the forums or leave comments on the video!

You can still back Shards Online via their website and have the chance to play in the closed Pre-alpha phase and get involved with the community.

Hope to see you all on Shards Online!