Hey everyone! It’s DustyMonkey again with another Shards Online team interview!

I had the chance to chat with a very special guest. Some of you will recognize her from working on a certain MMO we love on Stratics (hint: Ultima Online), Others might know her from Eve Online.. but now Chrissay Brinkmann, aka Adida, is working along side her project lead husband on Shards Online as a community manager. Adida explains what she has been doing within the Shards Online team and there are no surprises as to why she joined the team!

During the video, Chrissay and I also chat about what she has been up to since UO and how it has been since reaching the Kickstarter goal for Shards Online. I found out where the name Adida came from and what ever happened to the laptop from the original KS video that they unceremoniously sledge hammered. On top of that we get a short tour of the office and find out why Adida felt this was the game to build!

This interview is a little different to the last two, because it is with cams on and lasts around 25 minutes. I also didn’t have any pre-written questions but I enjoyed it all the same!

I had a lot of fun chatting with Adida and getting to know more about the team! To keep up to date with Anything Shards or to see the next interview make sure to check out my Youtube Channel.

As always, if you want any questions answered ask away or you can always get involved and join this really great community by heading to Shardsonline.com where the devs are very active and super approachable! Don’t forget you can still get into Shards Online’s closed pre alpha by checking out the pledge page!

Until next time everyone!