[Reporter’s Note: The Gem of Immortality Story Arc is made up of the following EM Events: Revelations of the Dagger on 11-18-2016, The Gypsy’s Fortune on 11-30-2016, Shadowclan Sanctuary on 1-20-2017, and Silencing the Shadow on 1-27-2017]

Revelations of the Dagger (11-18-2016)

Once again, we found ourselves in the Britain Counselor’s Hall meeting up with one of the two thieves that we have been dealing lately, only this time we finally got to meet Jayce of Minoc.

Jayce of Minoc.jpg

Jayce of Minoc: “Ah! Greetings! How is everyone doing tonight? I am well, indeed! I do not believe we have had the chance to meet before… I am Jayce… a friend of Francis. Well, more like a partner in crime… Francis regrets he could not be here tonight… See Francis is… well pretty wanted all over the realm. The guard doesn’t know me as well… yet. *grin* I come to you this evening seeking your help… If you remember the Crimson Dagger hideout in Bucanneer’s Den from a few months back. An orc clan escaped the island with some sort of artifact… or trinket. We believe we know what they made it away with. A corrupted shard of the Gem of Immortality… Surely this object cannot fall into the wrong hands… And I cannot even begin to explain how this object can exist in our realm… We believe the orc clan escaped to the caves outside of Yew. And is currently in hiding there… What say you, will you help to try and recover this artifact? Follow me, and I will open us up a gate there…”

Orc Cave Outside.jpg

Once inside we encountered various members of the Shadowclan group including orcs of all kinds and Shadowclan Trolls as we fought our way into the lower levels of the cave. There we encountered Ettin Warlords and Shadowclan Orges.

Shadowclan Ogre.jpg

Jayce had been scouting ahead and reported back his findings.

Mine Shaft.jpg

Jayce of Minoc: “Yep… definitely some bad things down that mine shaft… *gulps*”


Below was guarded by Orcish Thugs and Mercenaries. After defeating them, we finally came upon remnants of the Crimson Dagger – Crimson Dagger Exiles – and finally UckNork The Orcish Warlord, who appeared to be entranced by the stolen artifact.

UckNork the Orcish Warlord: “Ibt is hibs cryssstal! Youu hb to get thruu mee furst!”

Retrieving Artifact.jpg

After dispatching UckNork, Jayce retrieved the crystal. Jayce was asked with trepidation what he planned to do with it and he replied that he would “return the crystal to Francis… He might know what to do with it… Or at the very least, hide it and keep it safe… Might be a good option…”

Back at the counselor’s hall, Jayce wrapped up the night’s events.

Jayce of Minoc: “Whew! That was close. Like I said, I’ll bring this… thing back to Francis… Perhaps he can keep it safe, hidden… and will know what to do with it. I must be off into the night then! Until we meet again, safe travels!”

Corrupted Shard of Gem 2.jpg

Gem Description.jpg

Gem Make Noise.jpg

The Gypsy’s Fortune (11-30-2016)

Tonight we responded to a call for help from Richardson the Guard.

Minoc Under Attack.jpg

Richardson the Guard: “Ah greetings! How is everyone doing tonight? *smiles* Well, I come to you this evening seeking your help once again. Minoc is under assault by an orcish clan that I have never seen the likes of… The Shadowclan Orcs. They are mainly staying to the South of the city around the gypsy camp… But they have caused quite a deadly scene already. I don’t know, but I suspect those two thieves may be involved in this matter… What say you, will you help me and rid Minoc of this assault? Follow me, I will open us up a gate.”

Gypsy Tents Area.jpg

Upon arriving at the gypsy tent area south of Minoc, we encountered members of the Shadowclan Orcs – Assassins, Thugs, and Veterans. Eventually, the leader of this group appeared, Bahgus the Shadowclan Warlord.

Orc Warlord.jpg

We quickly discovered that the orc clan was after Glennys the Gypsy, who was associated with the pair of thieves we had been helping, Francis and Jayce.

Glennys the Gypsy: “Help! Please someone help me!”

Bahgus the Shadowclan Warlod: “Me not going to aks agun! Wher is thu shard!”

Glennys: “I don’t know what you are talking about, I swear!”

Bahgus: “Bagh! Takum him to the ship! As fur yoou! Makum good work ob dem!”

Richardson Done.jpg

After defeating the remaining members of the orc clan, Richardson asked questions about what we had learned.

Richardson the Guard: “My goodness! What have they done? What is this shard the Warlord spoke of? Hmm… They kidnapped one the gypsies. I can only assume he knows what they are seeking… Perhaps he was hiding something? I do not know… We will have to conduct an investigation into this matter. The orcs fled with him on a ship during the battle. I have a grave feeling about those orcs… My look at this mess! They slaughtered countless gypsies! I will send word to the King at once to send additional forces and supplies to help with this mess. Ugh! Very well then, I thank you for your service to Britannia this evening! I will take us back to the hall. One moment…”

Richardson King.jpg

Back at the Counselor’s Hall, Richardson wrapped up the night’s events.

Richardson the Guard: “Seems like there is always something trying to invade… I will get with the King right away, and see if he knows anything about this mysterious clan… or this… shard they were looking for whatever that could be… I thank thee again for your service tonight!”

Shadowclan Sanctuary (1-20-2017)

We meet up with Jayce of Minoc at the Britain Counselor’s Hall.

Jayce Regret.jpg

Jayce of Minoc: “Ah! Greetings! How is everyone this fine evening? Good to hear! I am well… as well as can be. *smiles* I regret to have to call upon your help again this evening… If you may remember, several weeks ago, Glennys the gypsy was kidnapped during an orcish invasion. The Shadowclan was looking for the artifact that we took from them… but from Glennys. Seems they know he is involved in this matter… The orcs took him to a boat, and headed North. From chatter I’ve heard, it sounds like they landed on Valor island. Pilgrims to the shrine mentioned a heavy orcish presence there. And perhaps a new fort being constructed… What say you? Will you help and try to rescue Glennys from their vile clutches? Excellent! *smiles* Follow me, and I will open us up a gate to Valor island.”

Valor Orc Fort.jpg

We quickly found the orc fort that Jayce had mentioned and engaged in battle with the Shadowclan Orcs. Once they were defeated, we discovered an entrance to an underground part of the fort.

Mysterious Hole.jpg

More forces were in the underground part of the fort, which included a holding cell where we found Glennys being guarded by Behru’Gluk the Jailor.

Behru'Gluk the Jailor.jpg

During the course of the fight, Behru’Gluk revealed the following information:

Behru’Gluk the Jailor: “Hebs is da Bossus! Boss ibz gone, so me wahtch hum! Du gipsee is the bossus! Sed he wuld be back shortly… Dat gipsee… he nub right. Bah, I hab to fight you meself den!”

Glennys Rescued.jpg

After Behru’Gluk was defeated, Jayce of Minoc reappeared and opened the door to the cell Glennys the Gypsy had been held in.

Jayce Gate.jpg

Jayce Minoc.jpg

Back at the Counselor’s Hall, Jayce concluded the night’s events.

Jayce of Minoc: “That was a close one! Many thanks for your help again this evening. He didn’t seem like the best orc to leave in charge… no Alright, many thanks again. I must now head back to Minoc to meet with Glennys. *waves*”

Silencing the Shadow (1-27-2017)

We responded to a summons to the Britain Counselor’s Guild, where we meet up with Richardson the Guard.

Richardson Island.jpg

Richardson the Guard: “Ah! Greetings! How is everyone this evening? I come to you all tonight seeking your help… It has been brought to my attention that there is an orc fort under construction on Valor island. Now you wouldn’t know anything about that… right? Hmm *wonders about those two thieves* Anyways, the Shadowclan have set up an outpost there. Pilgrims to the Shrine of Valor have been under attack in recent weeks. From your *ahem* last incursion onto the island, you dealt a great blow to them. Now we must finish the job. My scouts tell me they are hiding in some sort of underground cave on the island. Shall we go and investigate? Follow me please, I will take us there!”

Underground Caves.jpg

Upon our arrival at the inland, we encountered members of the Shadowclan Orcs above ground. We quickly defeated them and descended into the underground caves. We moved deeper into the cave system and eventually found Bahgus the Shadowclan Warlord.


Bahgus the Shadowclan Warlord: “Bah Yuu wib pay fur thus! *growls*”

He summoned more defenders and we fought them. After we had dealt with them, Bahgus reappeared.

Bahgus Stomp.jpg

Bahgus: “You tupid humies anub flappys! Ib was for the Crimsun Daggur! *growls* Nob matter tu mee I will stomp yuu all!”

Instead, we proceeded to stomp him then returned to the Counslor’s Hall.

Richardson Thieves.jpg

Richardson the Guard: “Whew! Many thanks tonight, brave souls! We have rid the realm of the vile Shadowclan! I only ask you… One more time… please stop aiding those thieves! They are nothing but trouble! I must head back to the Castle for the evening. Thank you again, and farewell!”

Crystal Ball Drop.jpg

Crystal Ball Descripton.jpg

Crystal Ball Function.jpg

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