1998-10-09: Celebration of Britannia Puzzle

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Global Edition

Celebration of Britannia Puzzle

Author: Uzeraan the Conjurer Published: October 9, 1998

The response to my little puzzle hath been much grander then ever I expected. And I am ecstatic to announce that someone hath solved it... actually, many of thee have. But despite having many more than the fifty of thee needed answering correctly, I have decided not to give the answer just yet. In hope that numerous more of thee are still enjoying my puzzle, I shall leave it for a few days longer. After that, I shall provide the answer.

I thank thee all for trying and hope each of thee hath had as much fun as I!

- Uzeraan

Greetings Britannians! 'Tis I, Uzeraan. And... um... hmm... well, I suppose I should not be surprised by thy blank stares. Why should any of thee know who I am? What with my research and travels and such, I rarely meet anyone. Very well... I shall introduce. I am Uzeraan the Conjurer. I have spent my entire life studying the magicks of conjuring. From creating food to summoning travel gates to bending elementals to my will, I've studied it all. You may ask what I've accomplished, and frankly from the point of view of someone else, it might not look like much. But I've enjoyed my research nonetheless.

During the course of my studies and travels, I have amassed many interesting and useful items. As well as more furniture, knickknacks, odds, ends, flotsam, jetsam, and gadgets than can be contained by any one building. And in fact my home, laboratory, and library are all overflowing.

My first thought was to simply conjure up a daemon and have it remove all of the surplus effects. But upon further reflection, I though it more entertaining to perhaps push these things off on someone else... um... hmm... that didn't quite come out correctly. What I mean to say is that I shall pose a puzzle to thee. To the first who solves my puzzle shall go anything in my possession that they might wish to use to decorate their home, guildhall, or any other building they choose. No more than one building, though. And of the next 50 who correctly find the answer to my puzzle, I shall randomly pick 5. These shall each choose from a chest of unique items I have collected and pick one such item for themselves.

I have placed a bulletin board to receive thy answers. To reach this board, send thy guess, educated or otherwise, through the ether to [email protected] Place thy answer in the subject of thy message, and thy identification (account name) in the body of thy message. The puzzle will remain until 50 of thee have correctly answered it.

And now... the puzzle:

Seek ye all, but trust ye half, and search through histories long-known-
Given time and thought the path shall lead ye to the heart and bone.
Thy answers all should be for each a word or two that stands alone,
A set of words that means one word that is the answer's own.
A bard there was, who perished, friend to Nystul and to songs. Galias
Near Minoc reapers gather, nicknamed this by cutter's wives. Widowmakers
A city termed of Balance, where spells are chanted long. Wind
A hero opposing Armageddon too soon lost his life. Hartham
Humboldt's item sang of courage with a ding-ding-dong. Bell of courage
The birthplace of Juo'nar, whose deeds led to much strife. Ocllo
The ship attacked some time ago by a foolish troll. Freedom
The festival of this Jhelom declared for fun and play. Ivory Tusk
The messenger to CrawWorth whose escort was a tale told. Cale
All bears end up six feet deep at ending of this day. Samlethe's
The color of CrawWorth's armor found in a pool of gore. Gold
Kazola's Tavern's true name, all four words for this one. Treetop Keg and Winery
The renegade Branson's nickname, a Follower before. One-Thumb
The dungeon still misspelled, spirituality undone. Hythloth
He fought Relvinian's plans, this Empath Abbey monk. Andrew
The first of strips, the author of “Barrel Full of Monks.” Enoch
Food critic for papers, a man of quite fine palate slaked. Alonarg
The creature loved of coders who flies out purple in a spell. Llama
Mayor of Yew until his untimely demise upon Great Lakes. Enshu Ponfar
Peppermint-apple with a dash of garlic is its smell. Orfleur
The city of the night of fights where Sonoma's bones all break. Oasis
The killer of Lord British made the news for burning him so well. Rainz
He founded Moongates and his site lasts to this date. Auric
A “boring” name, he authored books, leads mages on the Council. Dryus Doost
His protest led to headlines, but he had a change of heart. Mohdri
The brother of lich Kyrnia, he gathered much ill fame. Lathiari
In orcish tongue this phoneme's sound is but the third part. AG
Either of the two men whose hearts were once the same. British or Blackthorn
A language whose poetry is one phrase in many pitches. Orcish
A mouse who authors volumes from her home inside a wall. Sherry
Not an author but a prefacer of tales, one devoutly wishes. Guilhem
Courage and truth are something, but surely are not all. Love
Japheth watched her tavern burn as Trinsic turned to ashes. Eleanor's
Caitlin is her first name, but what's her last name called? Elopidat
Weaponsmaster mighty, but at 92 of bunions did he pass. Martin
The Sage imprisoned for plotting all Britannia's fall. Winslow
Where Horace ran when Leyla loosed him, frightened to his soul. Yew
This comics man, a dashing sort, romanced LB's girlfriend. ImaNewbie
A dungeon that was once feared as a temple to powers of old. Deceit
The Mage to lords whose hand brought about the end. Nystul
The single vowel that the wisps are known to speak aloud. Y
Hartham's killer, evil man, whose very soul was sick. Duryn
3rd in the first Vesper fishing tourney! He must have been proud! Odepeus
Two-worded answer this one, the mage's shop in Trinsic. Encyclopedia Magicka
Guild title for those qualified to teach those who seek to learn. Adept
Nosfentor, Faulinei, and Astaroth, referred to as a type of one. Shadowlord
Black pearls must be perfect spheres and this, to serve their turn. Unblemished
In Wind where Lovers are Crossed, what did the boy become? Earth
The crossbow Humboldt gave those who helped him when he called. Uolinsho
The language written on your maps, deciphering's not hard. Runic
And lastly, just the final clue, good wishes to you all!
The lost wife of Finth Desryn, captain of the Trinsic guard. Tali

Taking the first letter from the answer of every second line gives us the query:


And the final solution to the puzzle is thus Robere.

My puzzle will call on events old and new. There are tomes and places of knowledge that shall aid thy search for the answer:

Good luck my friends...

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