1999-10-11: Myllfalydd Spotted!

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Lake Superior Edition

Myllfalydd Spotted!

Author: Deborah the Scribe Published: October 11, 1999

No Myllfalydd seen with Kyry doubt all who attended the ill-fated meeting between the High Council and Gelidum remember this majestic frost wyrm. Myllfalydd has been seen “talking” with Kyry in the depths of the Glacian dungeon. His appearances grow more frequent with each passing day. He has also been spotted discussing the ranger Kyry with representatives of the Mage Tower and parties of adventurers travelling to the frozen lands in search of answers.

Outside the Mage Tower this morning (as we hid nearby waiting for a possible attack, given the frequency lately) a little boy with nearly snow white skin appeared. After sliding this message under the door (which we carefully transcribed a copy of before the Mage Tower Representatives got a hold of it), he turned into a white wyrm and flew away. It reads:

Warm ones,
The time has come. The Gelidum has learned rumors of Gavin being held in Trinsic prison. If this is indeed true, fetch him hence and bring him to our kingdom this coming Thursday evening. Otherwise we shall dismiss this as mere prattle and the Tower, along with the rest, shall pay accordingly.
A refreshment to see that not all warm ones are unreasonable such as thy precious High Council. A meeting time will be delivered shortly. The Gelidum is not unreasonable, after all, we have no more use for this ranger and wish her away from our kingdom.
The Gelidum

While the Mage Tower by their reports, have cast their lot in with the wyrms, reports have surfaced the frost trolls led by Br’Kagg have allied with the surface trolls. The details to the nature of this alliance have not yet surfaced, though many speculate the areas of Minoc and Vesper are in an increased area of danger.

Since the recent attack on Minoc reported in last issue:

  • Trolls were spotted outside Skara Brae near the moongate very late one evening last week.
  • Trolls have attacked the Moonglow Mage Tower on numerous occasions. No pattern has been established.
  • Trolls appear with regularity in Magincia, oddly coinciding with High Council meetings every other Monday (unlike previously reported, these meetings have not moved)
  • Lord Ironside of Minoc, a half-troll, has been arrested in relation to these troll uprising activities upon the charge of Treason against the realm. No trial date has been announced.
  • On Tuesday, surface trolls and corpsers invaded the western borders of Papua in a bloody battle that left many troll corpses littering the lush jungle area.
  • No sign of the ice fiend leader within the Gelidum has been reported.

The situation as can best be summarized at the moment:

Gavin, the alchemist accused of freezing the ranger Kyry, is magicially bound inside Trinsic Prison, despite reports of his escape or delivery to the Gelidum. No comment from the High Court has been issued. Quipped Anne the guard, “Of course he’s here! Ye don’t think we’re watching nothin’ under that blanket there, aye? Rumors are just that, rumors. Nay ye cannae see him, he’s asleep.”

Gilkemgain is researching ingredients for the curing of Kyry. Professor Temesa of the Lycaeum left a note outside his dwelling three days ago stating she had “made definite prUO:Ogress in research regarding mushrooms” and requested a meeting to discuss the matter this coming Tuesday. A group was spotted outside of Yew last week claiming to be looking for faerie rings of mushrooms. Several expressed frustration at not having enough to aid them with the cure, and made note to meet again soon. Any groups wishing to aid in the effort of gathering further cure ingredients should leave word at either the Lycaeum, or the ice lab itself. The lab is located directly south of Encyclopaedia Magicka.

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