2000-08-17: The Plague Is Predicted To Strike Again!

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Catskills Edition

The Plague Is Predicted To Strike Again!

Author: Kardian McLean Published: August 17, 2000

I am starting to dread writing these reports to you, gentle readers, as my news is so rarely good. Having spent a great deal of time with the gypsy woman, Tatiana Tasovich and her merry band, over the last months, it is with great concern that I bring you this next bit of news.

Tatiana has had another vision of the plague. This time she was left drained and quite shaken by the vision. For almost an hour after it, she could not even bring herself to give voice to what she had seen. When finally she was able to, she told of the dread plague and how it was going to strike again only this time it would strike her own people.

After the band and I finally absorbed this bit of news, she continued her tale in a quiet voice that shook with the emotions her vision had caused her. I fear, dear readers, that Tatiana has also foreseen her own death by this plague. The plague is to strike in two days, on the eve of Saturday of this week.

Many preparations have begun to try to avoid this dread fate, yet all are worried it will not be enough. All food and water has been quarantined and is being rigorously checked by the band to ensure that it is safe to consume.

But I must ask you, brave readers, to please aid us in preventing this from occurring. Tatiana has aided us so many times in averting disaster. I call upon each and every one of you to please do all that you can to help us save the life of this woman and her people. Seek out Benedict and learn all that you can of this latest threat. Hopefully somewhere the answers to stopping this dread event exist and one of you will find them.

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