2000-09-14: Ariana And The Orcs

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Pacific Edition

Ariana And The Orcs

Author: Ariana Published: September 14, 2000

Hail and well met! My name is Ariana and although I am not a regular reporter for BNN, I had a story I wanted to share with you!

Yesterday, I was kidnapped by a large band of Orcs. They took me to the Orc fort near Cove where I was held hostage.

As the day started, I was on my way to town to purchase some bread for my meals. As I was walking on the road towards town, I saw in front of me a rather large number of Orcs. Knowing that Orcs and humans do not always get along, I took special care to try to walk around them. Apparently, one of them did spot me, and started running towards me. Fear in my heart, I started running away. He kept saying I would be perfect for his King! “Ug do gud job fer King!” The rest of the Orcs seemed to have agreed as they carried me off to their Fort. I was screaming the entire time, and any folks that I saw on the road, I screamed to them to get help to rescue me.

The Orcs threw me into a section of their Fort and blocked the entrance with corspers as well as making UgLee stand guard. He kept ranting how the king would be proud of him and would give him Fire Juice for a job well done. Though I do not speak Orcish well, I think he meant ale. ( Orcs love to drink ale) I was secluded from the main part of the Fort, but I could hear all the other Orcs in the main section celebrating the capture of a girl for their King. UgLee stated out loud that if the King were not pleased with me, he would take me as his own.

During the Orc’s celebration, a group of warriors attacked the camp. I could hear metal weapons hitting and the sound of people dying. Some of the activity came into the area where I was kept captive and while I hid in the background, I managed to draw up some battle pictures. There was also this pure black horse that shot fire from its mouth that helped fight the Orcs, though he eventually died in the end. Finally, all the Orcs including UgLee were killed and I was again free. I ran out, thanked everyone for helping me, and ran home vowing never to go out alone again!

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone from the town of Cove and all surrounding communities for coming to my aid. I would also like to thank the man named Volkswagen for taking the time to make sure I was safe before he would be on his way. Thank you!


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