2000-11-09: Marcus The Mage Escapes Nujel’M Prison

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Great Lakes Edition

Marcus The Mage Escapes Nujel'm Prison

Author: Donovan, Reporter Published: November 9, 2000

After a long delay, Marcus the Mage, infamous for his role in what nearly became a war between Moonglow and Nujel'm, has been tried in Yew for his crimes. Necyn, the Druidess presiding over the case, found Marcus not guilty of High Treason, and Murder. However, she turned Marcus over to Nujel'm, to be tried on the charge of Wanton Destruction of Private Property. From what little information is available it seems that Marcus was escorted to Nujel'm by citizens hired in Yew. Once in Nujel'm he escaped by unknown means - with several witnesses in the area. Marcus and an accomplice, Blackangel, are wanted by Nujel'm. The Demonhunter Teleburiel is also wanted for questioning, as is The Wolfman. The island city has released the following description of Marcus the Mage:

Vandyke moustache
Red-brown hair
Light complexion

Oddly this conflicts with the description recorded at the Court of Truth, which detailed Marcus as having long, white hair and a moustache, but no goatee. Until this confusion is settled, citizens are urged to be weary of strangers fitting either one of these descriptions.

I attempted to contact Teleburiel for comment, but the ruined Monastery where he spends most of his time was abandoned, and there were signs of a large battle all about.

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