Well here we are again community and things are going great.Beta 6 for Wrath of Heroes has come and gone, and there were some very nice changes implemented.  Faster Response times on abilities, New Sexy Lounge area for everyone to sit back and speed date in between matches.

Wrath of Heroes has come a long way, and many improvements have come directly from player Feedback.  Open Beta seems to be coming right around the corner, and The Crew working on WoH are having a contest for the finalization of the last of the Starting line up of Heroes over at the Official Wrath of Heroes Site.

That ain’t all the Wiki Master @etaew (on twitter) has the Wrath of Heroes Wiki looking pretty good.  Make sure you stop by there and check it out!  It can be found here.

And finally we get to Keaven Freeman.  He recently posted on the WAR Forums a Short List of bugs for 1.4.6.  He has been doing pretty good keeping up on the discussion, as are the community in the discussion with him.  So stop on by and join the discussion and read over the Bug Fixes for 1.4.6.

Sorry for tonight post being a bit short, but work calls and I gotta make that money.

With that I leave you with WAR Stratics Podcast Ep. 2!  Vote Korith!