Chesapeake Unique Locations

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Start Date 1997-10-16

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-20
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Murdock Redbone +5% SSI
Jhelom Kal Vas Cri Mort +5% Bandage
Minoc Naitch +1 FC
Moonglow Lauren +5% SDI
New Magincia CrOwE +1 FC
Skara Brae Nexus +5% SSI
Trinsic Phoenix None
Vesper Ivy +1 FC
Yew Tehan +2 MR

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderators EM Ulric
EM Kimmie
Player Event Coordinator PEC Raine
Advisors Advisor Bacchus
Advisor Bretylium

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Chesapeake Unique Locations


Aryslan Pond


Coordinates: 3123 x 606
Cp aryslanpond1.jpg

Circa ~1998. The Aryslan Pond, sometimes known as the Overwhelming Peace Pond, is an IGM blessed pond located within the former player-town of Aryslan.

Duir of Yew Stables


Coordinates: 788 x 701
Cp duirstables1 (1).jpg

Circa ~1998. The Duir of Yew Stables was one of many blessings awarded to the moongate village known as the Duir of Yew (former player-town). The Stables originally had an NPC stable master, but the stable master has been absent due to recent issues with publishes to the shard.

Dupre's Camp


Coordinates: 1689 x 2725
Cp duprescamp1.jpg

Circa ~1999. Dupre's Camp was the initial staging area for the allied defense during the Battle for Trinsic in 1999.

Ian Stormbringer's Keep


Coordinates: 3982 x 223
Cp ianstormbringerskeep1.jpg

Circa 1998-1999. The House of Storms, Ian Stormbringer's Keep, is a heavily blessed IGM location on Ice Island Felucca. Ian Stormbringer was well known for his real life persona, Todd Pratt of the Seattle Mariners MLB Baseball Team.

Olag Hai Orc Fort


Coordinates: 1828 x 684
Cp olaghaiorcfort1.jpg

Circa ~1998. The Olag Hai Orc Fort is an IGM constructed location near the player town of PaxLair. It was built to serve as a fortified location for the original [Orc] guild on Chesapeake, the Olag Hai Clan. Today it remains in much the same condition, although now inhabited by the Kaar Barashalu Orc Clan.

PaxLair Archery Buttes


Coordinates: 1686 x 780
Cp paxlairarcherybuttes1.jpg

Circa 1998. PaxLair's Archery Buttes lie at the entry to the meadow on which the player town of PaxLair sits. These archery buttes are public and have been used for archery contests in the past.

PaxLair Ladies of the Lair


Coordinates: 1625 x 711
Cp paxlairladies1.jpg

Circa 1998-1999. The Ladies of the Lair Tavern is a heavily blessed IGM building within the player city of PaxLair. The tavern has existed with much the same decor and interior look since its creation in the late nineties. Blessings include fireplaces, marble benches, felt tabletops and a special switch-based teleporter system that takes one from the house's patio to the outdoor lounge area at the rear of the establishment.

PaxLair Tower Bridge


Coordinates: 1675 x 749
Cp paxlairtowerbridge1.jpg

Circa ~1998. The PaxLair Tower Bridge is an IGM blessed teleportation system between the Twin Towers in the player town of PaxLair. Any of three teleporter tiles on each tower instantly transport the player to the opposing tower's teleporter area when stepped on.





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