Notes from 2001-02-09

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Notes from 2001-02-09

Last Chance to Join Ultima Online: Third Dawn Beta

Join us at 6:00 AM CST on Friday, February 9th for your final opportunity to grab an Ultima Online: Third Dawn beta CD! For the price of shipping and handling, you can own this limited edition, fully patchable version of the latest update to Ultima Online - and seize your opportunity to join us during our pre-launch beta period.

We've limited the amount of Beta CDs available and will accept orders only until these CDs run out. Once this final group of beta CDs has been ordered, you'll have to wait for the Ultima Online: Third Dawn retail release to explore the new lands of Ilshenar, and all of the enhancements and updates that Third Dawn has to offer. Current customers will have an opportunity to upgrade to Ultima Online: Third Dawn at a reduced cost (plus shipping and handling) to be announced at a later date.

Be sure to visit on Friday morning for your chance to join the elite ranks of Ultima Online beta testers!

And don't forget - if you're already a beta tester, or are planning to join us, drop by the Ultima Online store at to order your Official Ultima Online: Third Dawn Beta Tester t-shirt!

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