One-on-one a Squig is no match for the likes of a Hammerer or Ironbreaker, but the problem there isn’t the match, it’s the numbers. The toothy embrace of a pack of Squigs has brought down many a hearty warrior, and a Squig pack is never more effective than in the hands of an expert Herder. Using tools ranging from pipes to goads to bits of giblets, the Squig Herder drives his minions to a killing frenzy while fighting safely behind the lines. The Herder’s own ranged fire combines with the attacks of his minions to challenge any foe.

Squig Herder Specialty
It’s all about the Squigs – at least as far as the Squig Herder is concerned – and he knows all there is to know about these feisty critters. Commanding a pack of Squigs culled from those types he has learned to train, the Squig Herder can inflict serious damage on his enemies. With experience, he can learn to tame a broad range of breeds, control more powerful Squigs, and acquire more specialized abilities such as taking direct control of his Squig. His minions will even fight on after his death, wandering off only when the battle is done.

Playing as a Squig Herder
As a Squig Herder you lead from the rear, turning your Squigs loose on the enemy and supporting them with commands, arrows and bait while safely out of harm’s way. The most critical elements of your strategy revolve around your choice of Squigs for your pack, and the abilities you use to support them. Your various breeds offer you tools for different situations, and you must mix and match them to meet your needs. Tactically speaking, your job is to kill the enemy while avoiding his counter-attacks – both you and your Squigs are deadly but fragile beasts.

Fighting the Squig Herder
The Squig Herder is essentially a fire-support career who wishes to hit you without being hit. As such, you’ll need to deny him that opportunity. Attacking him or his pets early – either one, as the pets will live on after their master’s death – is a sound strategy which will quickly reduce his damage dealing power. You must also be alert however, as Squigs can bypass your own line with their fast leaping movements and strike at your back field. You must strike a balance between the defenses you can muster against enemy melee fighters and the nasty beasts gnawing at your heels.

The Squig Herder Look

  • Lightly armored in leather and equipment harnesses (often made from Squig skins)
  • Outfitted with numerous and varied Squig herding tools (made from anything and everything)
  • Carries a bow or spear for personal combat (or uses his Squig pipes for calling Squigs)