Patch Notes from 2004-11-15

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Patch Notes from 2004-11-15

We are currently staging a patch for release that will include support for the Publish 28 server publish. We intend to release this patch today, November 15th, 2004 at approximately 1:00PM PST (9:00PM GMT).

Changes include:

2D Client

  • Fixed crash related to using the guild search on the guild diplomacy screen

3D Client

  • Added EquipLastWeapon macro
  • Corrected bug that caused boat afterimages while sailing
  • Corrected Fukiya drop-sprite display bug
  • Corrected bug with plant maintenance gump

Both Clients

  • Added holiday gift art
  • Added No-Dachi to Crushing Blow list in combat book
  • Ninja mirror images can no longer be readily identified by mousing over the backpack on their paperdoll
  • Improved music playing code to help improve audio quality
  • Corrected some map problems
  • Corrected some art problems.
  • Localization updates

Both clients will report the version: 4-0-6a