Publish Notes from 2005-02-09

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Publish Notes from 2005-02-09

Publish 30 Updates and Bug Fixes

UO Team 02 Feb 2005 00:00:00 EST

Publish 30, as with most game publishes, contains a number of game updates and bug fixes. This article contains a summary of the game improvements that came about with Publish 30.

Publish 30 contains the following changes, fixes, and additions:

NOTE: This is not a final list and may change before this publish goes live. We will post a final list of Publish 30 details as we are ready to publish to the production shards.

(Stratics note: The above notice still appeared even in the final version of the publish notes.)

General Fixes/Tweaks/Enhancements

  • Treasures of Tokuno Phase 1
    • Fight the creatures that inhabit the Tokuno Islands to recover unique Samurai Empire treasures
    • Almost any creature on the islands or in the dungeons of Tokuno has a chance of rewarding you 1 of 20 different minor artifacts
    • Your chances of finding an item are scaled based on the fame of the creature
    • Recovered Tokuno items are placed in your bag (or bank if your can’t carry anymore)
    • This is a limited duration event
  • Archery has been reverted back to its pre-Pub 29 “fire and forget” state until a more comprehensive solution can be implemented
  • Houses can no longer be demolished if the house’s moving crate still has items in it.
  • Vendors will no longer have “the vendor” appended to their names.
  • Failed unstuck teleports no longer count against a player’s total uses per day count
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t remove the weight of gold that was in 2 piles when it got tithed

Item Fixes/Changes

  • Book of Bushido and Book of Ninjitsu now only take up the correct amount of storage when locked down in a house
  • Big Fish Trophy will no longer disappear if not locked down
  • Can no longer use Savage Kin Paint while in Animal Form
  • Fixed an issue that reduced a player’s strength by 5 from logging out while under the effects of a Rose of Trinsic pedal under specific circumstances
  • Potion kegs now weigh the correct amount. Full kegs now weigh 100 stones, while empty kegs weigh 20 stones.

Spell Casting/Spell Crafting Improvements

  • Players can now craft Necromancy scrolls
  • Players can now craft Spellbooks with magic properties
  • Can now sell Necromancy scrolls to NPC mages

Creature and Spawning Fixes/Adjustments

  • Fixed the issue causing tame Fire Beetles to not do the correct amount of damage
  • Ranged poison cloud attack given to Yamandon and Serrado. This ranged attack does 20-25 points of direct damage plus level 5 poison to its target