The candidacy runs are open and CCP Xhagen wants you to know about the upcoming elections. Sign up and become part of the process as to what makes EVE the best MMO on the market.

  • March, 17th. Opening for candidacy runs for the third CSM.
  • March, 31st. Closing for the candidacy applications.
  • May, 12th. Voting for the third CSM opens.
  • May, 26th. Voting for the third CSM closes.
  • May, 29th, Thursday. A permanent announcement made about the results of the third CSM elections.
  • May, 31st, Saturday. The third CSM meets online for the first time.
  • August, 19th – 23rd or 26th – 30th, Wednesday to Sunday. CSM arrives in Iceland to speak with CCP.

Link : Call For Candidates – The Third Council of Stellar Management