CCP Greyscale would like to remind you, “Never get carsick in a contraflow” and would like to share some wisdom about the new probing system. If you have not tried out the new exploration system I highly suggest you do. It has been upgraded to be a lot more fun and exciting but has some new quirks that CCP Greyscale would like you to know.

“So, I’m unloading the goods at the Fed Freight station in Rancer – Jimmy came through nicely again, no hassle with cops or customs – when this geezer comes up to me and asks if I’m the owner of the Heron in bay 8B. That’s where the Stork’s parked, so I says, yeah, that’s my boat, what of it? And it turns out that he’s some science type or something, and he’s dead keen to have a look at one of those wormhole things what’ve been showing up all over space in the last few days, since that nasty business on the 10th.

Now normally that’s not my sort of thing, but it turns out he’s got a fat pile of research funds to burn, enough to get the old Stork a new paintjob and some new gubbins, and I can work probes in my sleep some days it seems, so it sounds like an easy way to make a nice pile of cash for myself. So I says sure, I can take you out to have a look, hop on board, and pay half upfront, of course. This is a business, y’know?”

Link : Sick In The Back Of An Astra: A Travel Blog