I’ve been off and on following this game as the concept of it is pretty intriguing since the central theme revolves around organizations like the Templars and Illuminati.  There’s been bits and pieces of it that have come out, but this new video covered over on Massively not only looks very cool but also provides some insights on how the game will work.

The video shows gameplay footage which I really appreciate as it gives a good feel for how things with look and work.  We get the idea that there’s going to be significant voice-overs in the game, now whether the whole game (or your character even) is voiced is still TBD but I do like having that aspect as it really helps with immersion.

Another aspect they show-case is just after the character creation there’s an origins sequence (not sure how long it is, or how interactive it is) that shows how you achieved the powers you selected.  I’m curious how many different options there will be as this could be a pretty daunting task for them with all the possible combinations.  This really does not only help with immersion but getting to feel more of a connection to your character.  This concept could be one of the cooler ideas I’ve seen lately on the character creation aspect and it really has me very interested in this game.

The other way they get you hooked into your character’s progression is via a “time-machine” instance early on which takes you to the future to play as a more powerful version of yourself.  Sounds like not only some good story telling opportunities but it gives you an early preview of the bad-ass you can become.  Another cool idea to give players a feel for “end-game” right up front as well as also giving them some grouping options early.  I’m wondering if they’re doing an instance finder kind of thing for this first instance as that would be a very good thing for them to do.

And finally, there is some discussion on how progression will work in the game which isn’t totally new but is different from many other games.  There are no levels, instead it sounds like you’ll gain more powers and those powers will gain strength over time.  You can have 7 active powers and 7 passives but it also sounds like this is also rather flexible in that you can change them as you progress.

Overall this game seems to be shaping up well and I’ll be paying much closer attention to it in the future.  If you interested, check out the link from Massively or I did post the video below as well.

[youtube C9I0UwV5vec]