Some terminology used in matches may be confusing for newer players. We here at WAR Stratics have your back with this glossary of WoH slang.

A-bomb. An Archivist with a triple damage buff. It hurts. Trust me. Don’t let Archivist get a triple damage buff. Or else.

A-team. A team made up of only the 4 heroes that start with A. Aessa, Albodi, Amenadresh, and Archivist.

AC – A team comprised mostly of Aessa and Conrad. This is usually only played on Mourkain Temple, sometimes Arena.

BFP – Black Fire Pass.

Birdman – The Lord of Change from the Power Unbound perk. Also loc.

Borc – The Black Orc hero Bax. Also BO.

Bub(ble) – The Divine Shielding perk. Also DS. Can also refer the Glowgob’s 5 ability Mork’s Touch.

B-dub – The hero Felicia, who is a Bright Wizard. Also BW.

Chosen – The hero Albodi

Crit up – The perk Glory. Makes all attacks by a team critical for 10 seconds.

Cotton Candy – The Absorb Vitality perk. It looks kinda like cotton candy. But it definitely isn’t sweet.

Disengage – Stop a fight in progress in order to escape or gain a superior position. Felicia with Massive Blasting slotted dropping Rain of Fire on an enemy team while your team runs away is an example of this.

Eng – Engineer. The hero Durrig.

Fatman – The hero Drulg.

Gob – The hero Glowgob.

Guard – The hero Aessa’s 5 ability Elite Bodyguard. It transfers incoming damage from allies to her, much like the Guard ability in Age of Reckoning. Also EB.

Heat-seeking Missile – Any player who targets a single player repeatedly even at the cost of his life. Most often, this is also a Suicide Lucian. (Thanks Wreckd_ya)

Hot Potato – Using pulls and knockbacks to keep an enemy in the air for an extended period of time. Commonly done with multiple Rat Ogres on the same team.

IB – Ironbreaker. See Tin Can.

Initiate – Creating a temporary mismatch of numbers to start a fight. Most often this is done with a powerful crowd control effect. Volrik pulling a target creating a 1v6 is a classic example.

Invuln – The invulnerability buff on the Arena map. Can also be the Verdant Apotheosis perk since it gives an entire team invulnerability.

Kite – Running away from a melee hero or line. Often done by ranged heroes by placing snares and roots to keep distance while running.

LF WB – Half of the chat in the lobby, means looking for warband. Usually by someone just looking for the extra reward spinner and not a serious team.

Little Coin – The most common result on the reward spinner. Worth 55 gold.

LoC or loc – See Birdman.

Mara – Short for Marauder. Refers to the hero Volrik.

Mummy – The hero Amenadresh.

Pinball – The perk Massive Smash. Sends the enemy flying like a pinball being launched into play.

Position – When referring to heroes, a location where your team can assist you. A player caught out of position is often dead. When referring to a warband, position is any place where you cannot be flanked. A warband caught out of position is being hit on two sides by both enemy teams. See also sandwich.

PoS – Usually Pyramid of Settra. Sometimes used in its more traditional sense.

Rat – The hero Ikkrik.

Ratman – The Rat Ogre from the Terrible Transformation perk.

RC – RaidCall. Free voice chat offered by for all players of Wrath of Heroes. Details at

Red – The Orange Team. Usually used in voice chat instead of orange since red is only one syllable.

Sandwich – A team being hit by both enemy teams from opposite sides has been sandwiched. Arena is all about avoiding this happening to your team.

Scorp – Scorpion. The hero Serkhet.

Shammy or Shamy – See Gob.

Shield – See Bub(ble).

Sin – Assassin. The hero Zathis.

Sorc – Short for Sorceress. Refers to the hero Ilanya.

Suicide Lucian – Refers to an inexperienced player on Lucian charging by himself into an entire team. Also a Lucian that charges to the artifact without his team to start a Mourkain Temple game.

SW – Shadow Warrior. The hero Korith.

T# – Mastery Tier #. Most serious warbands won’t take a player until he is at least Mastery Tier 1. When accompanied by LF WB, the player is looking for a serious warband and is Mastery Tier #.

Tin Can – The hero Olwyn.

Totem – The Vision of Mork created by Glowgob’s 4 ability Look it’s Mork! Heals allies standing near it.

Trip – The triple damage buff on the Arena map. Also the perk Verdant Apotheosis since causes the entire team to do triple damage.

Trollrik – The hero Volrik with the tactic Flaring Chaos making the Terrible Embrace ability work from 100 feet away.

Vamp – The hero Nethys.

WE – Witch Elf. The hero Korelei.

WL – White Lion. Refers to the hero Aessa.

WP – Warrior Priest. Refers to the hero Conrad.

Have more you want to add? Let us know.