TESTvs  Aquila


 J234928 (a system occupied by TEST in March via a corp named B0rthole) was recently the scene of a slugfest of large proportions. At least in terms of WH fleet  combat.

While its unlikely that the system is a practice system for ATX, its more likely that this C5 is home to a WH division of the null-sec alliance, having a C5 static. A very large number of farmed rats do witness of a possible sig-bounce chain setup within Constellation 251 to function as an “ISK Printing Press“.

This was the method AAA attempted not too long about that got them eviced from W-space. It will be interesting to see the reactions of the other WH dwellers when they find out that another Null alliance has settled in this system.


Even so, TEST and Aquila (through the alliance “Verge of Collapse [CRIT]”) are both in the 10th Alliance Tournament, so its natural that emotions ran high on the killboards after the engagement. Renown WH corps (like Aquila) are used to go looking for “goodfites” and brought the exact prescription, proving to be both resourcefull and wise in the engagement.

Aquila Effeciency? 98%


It will be interesting to see if the Wormhole Coalition will react in the same way they did with AAA, but equally interesting to see if TEST will pony up in less than a week. Fun fun!