I actually haven’t been able to get in game all that much lately, but over the past week or so that has actually changed and I’ve gotten in some good time on both my Champion and my Warden.

I’ve spent most of my time lately leveling up my Champ, and she’s now almost 39.  For some thoughts on the 15-30 range, make sure to check out my latest post over on LOTRO Reporter.  I still make bad pulls and have not quite gotten used to the champion “oh poop” buttons but I’m slowly but surely getting better.  I do find leveling and questing pretty quick on the Champion as stuff just dies so darn fast!  I’ve mainly been trying to keep my pulls down to just two, only braving three when they’re well below me in levels.  I’m quite enjoying my leveling process as I’ve been bouncing between zones based on the quests trying to cover all the dark blue and white quests where-ever they may be.  I also sprinkle in skirmishes as I’ve been using those to improve my weapons as my Captain has been making my armor so far.  I’ve also been leveling up on Scholar and finally decided that I would join the Scholar’s guild and not worry about Weaponsmith for now.  I figured one painful grind was enough for now.

As for my Warden, I’m still working my way through Enedwaith and really enjoying it.  I’m trying to read everything and pay attention to the quests as there’s some really good stories in there.  Not to mention, the zone just looks gorgeous!  I’m making my way through the epic line, but also trying to make sure I keep pace with what quest hub I’m at such that I don’t get too far ahead.  I did get into an SG run last night (videos coming), but really haven’t done much grouping due to time restrictions and just not feeling all that hot lately.  I do feel quite behind as many are farming Samborg and I’ve yet to clear any of the wings of that instance nor have I done anything in Helegrod or Annuminas.  Although with the announcement about radiance going away, I’m not too terribly stressed about radiance gear – I’m more just wanting to run fun group content.

I have been dabbling a bit in the LOTRO Store, but actually figured I’d save an entire post for that as it does seem to be a bit of a hot topic for many.