As I mentioned yesterday, I ran my first group content recently since the free to play launch so this was really my first chance to get a feel for how Lua would work for me.  And I do have to save I’m loving it 🙂  It wasn’t a completely stressful case as we didn’t have a Captain, but having an RK as the healer was a pretty good case as they have a number of buffs and HoTs they’ll stack.  Overall it was a blast and one of the smoother runs I’ve had in Sammuth Gul (SG) that I can remember, possibly having tons of interrupts was the key 🙂

One thing I’ll point out about Lua is that I personally find it very useful and enjoy getting it set up, but I’m sure there are others who don’t like it or don’t want to deal with it.  I’m also sure there are some who thing the in-game displays are better and can’t stand the way the Lua scripts display the information.  What’ I’m getting at is I’m happy we now have more choices in how our user interface looks such that we can better customize it for our preferences and play-styles.

Anyway, on to the videos and I did comment these as well – feel free to let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.  And so you know, before we started the other Warden and I /rolled to see who would tank, I lost but actually had fun off-tanking.

Fixed the embeding, but the links are below in case you prefer them.

[youtube 2nDYjpVVDWA hd=1]

[youtube KlJ77zhoW-4 hd=1]

[youtube sshuyP_d4sc hd=1]

[youtube qsj_ZsdEJGE hd=1]

1st Boss

2nd Boss

3rd Boss

4th Boss